What You Can Buy with a Billion Dollars


When someone mentions a billion dollars, it may be difficult to fathom exactly how much the amount is. Many will probably imagine a vague concept of “a lot of money”.

If we put a billion into numbers, it’s basically a thousand of a million and looks like this: 1,000,000,000. Now let’s say you have a billion dollars to spend. What can you really buy with a billion dollars?

There are 33 modern day castles on sale around the world in 2020, and each costs the average of $5.2 million. So let’s take the lot for $172 million. 

In order to travel between your 33 castles, you’ll need the world’s fastest street-legal car which is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 16.4. This car set the world record for fastest production car with a top speed of 267.857 mph, though the production version was electronically limited to 258 mph.

The world record shows just how powerful its 1,200-horsepower engine really is. Get one for 2.5 million dollars, or maybe 12 of them just in case you crash a few on the way to one of your majestic castles.
If driving is not your style, how about a private jet that can seat up to 19 passengers and 2-3 crew members. The cabin of the Embraer Lineage 1000 is split into five distinctive privacy zones and includes complete audio and entertainment systems.

You can buy this luxury aircraft for 53 million dollars.
Now that you have extravagant travel options for the land and sky, you may as well conquer the seas with the world’s highest displacement superyacht with a displacement of 15850 tons and a length of 508.53 feet.

The Al Said superyacht can host up to 70 guests along with 154 crew members and features a concert hall that can accommodate a 50-piece orchestra. It might be currently owned by a royal member of Oman but let’s assume it can be sold to you for $300 million.

We’re still not done with this shopping spree. How about a final splurge on some art by some of the most well-known painters? We can bag Claude Monet’s most expensive painting: Haystacks for $110.7 million, Van Gogh’s most expensive painting: Portrait of Dr. Gachet for $161.4 million and Edvard Munch’s most expensive painting: The Scream for $133.6 million. 

Let’s keep in mind the average American who only makes $1.8 million in their lifetime, considering if they have at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher. After being a proud owner of 33 castles, 12 sports cars, 1 private jet, 1 superyacht, and 3 legendary masterpieces, how much do we have left? A whopping $39.3 million. Now imagine if one fine day you decided to destroy everything you bought from that ludicrous shopping spree, you would still have enough cash leftover to never work again if you desire.